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Information for Clients


Our clients are a varied group, representing the diverse range employers you find in Edinburgh – professional firms, charities, private businesses, membership-based organisations and others. What they all have in common is that each person they employ makes a difference and matters on an individual basis.

About our service

The Positions We Handle

We handle various positions within IT, Commercial, Manufacturing, Engineering, Energy, Senior Appointments, Accountancy, Legal, Events & Hospitality and Contact Centre.  They can be permanent or temporary, full-time or part-time. Whether you are looking for a temp for just one day to answer phones or a new permanent PA for the Chief Executive, we are more than happy to hear from you.


What It Costs

For a permanent position, we charge 15% of the annual salary (plus VAT) and you don’t pay anything unless a person we put forward starts a job with you. For temporary jobs, we charge by the hour, with the rate dependent on the level of job. We have reduced fees and rates for charities and there are no hidden charges.


The Next Step

Make contact in any way you like: use the form below, phone or email. There is no job too small or question too daft. If you decide to give us a position to fill, we will ask you about the skills required as well as practicalities such as timescales. A written job description is not essential for you to make an enquiry but, if you do have one, that would help. 

Enquiry Form

Do you have a general enquiry, a vacancy you want to discuss or a question to ask? Feel free to use the form below and we will respond accordingly.

Privacy Policy

If you would like to view our privacy statement, please click on the link below.

Privacy Statement.

Need A Hand?

If you’re feeling a bit stuck and could do with some advice please feel free to contact us through the following:

Email: mail@crossmatch.co.uk

Telephone: 0131-226 7477

We’re always here and happy to help.

Our Difference

. . .  is the depth of our experience in office staff recruitment, individually and as a team.

We’ve seen so many CVs in our time, so many candidates and so many scenarios, that we have a lot to draw upon when it comes to guiding clients and avoiding the pitfalls. It gives us the confidence to tell you what we really think and not what you want to hear.

We don’t have sales targets and we don’t compete with each other for candidates or clients. We are way past that. The benefit to you is that you get the best we can offer from our collective experience.

Another benefit to you of our stability is that you can come back to us, sometimes years later, and you don’t have to start explaining everything all over again to new people.

If you know anything of the recruitment industry, you will know just how different that is.