Information for Candidates


We only recruit office staff, by which we mean Secretaries, PAs, Administrators, Receptionists and related positions. We handle temporary and permanent, full-time and part-time jobs. Our clients, ie the employers, come to us looking for people with backgrounds in those areas so you need to have experience in administrative office roles.

Our Candidate Service

Types of jobs

Within the general heading of ‘office’ recruitment, the jobs we handle are quite varied. It could range from a client needing a temporary receptionist for the day to another recruiting a permanent PA for the Chief Executive. The clients themselves are equally varied and represent a good mix of private-sector and not-for-profit organisations. What we don’t do is high-volume recruitment for big corporate clients or institutions.


Service to expect

When you speak to us, you are not dealing with a faceless big machine. We don’t have a ‘gatekeeper’ – a receptionist whose job it is to ‘field’ calls. If you want to speak to any one of us at any time, you can. We set high standards of service for ourselves to achieve. For example, if you temp for us, we will go to great lengths to make sure we get your wages right and on time. If you have the slightest query, we will respond quickly. It is not overstating it to say that candidates consistently remark on how different it feels to deal with us. That is what we strive for – after all, we want to attract the best, and most discerning, candidates.


How To Apply

If you are interested in applying to us, you will find links at the bottom of this page you can use. One is for making a general enquiry and the other takes you to a page where we advertise selected jobs.



You can’t ‘register’ through the website. That is only possible by being invited in for interview. If we do ask you in, we will send you a link and will guide you through the registration process at that point.


Candidate Log-in

The third link below is a log-in for candidates who are already fully registered with us.