Temp Survey

Holding ImageA NEW SURVEY of temporary workers, carried out by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), has just been published. Crossmatch Recruitment took part in the poll, sending out questionnaires to all of our temps, who were then able to return them, anonymously, directly to the REC.

In all, 2,400 temps took part, giving a valuable insight into how temporary work is viewed, from the perspective of individual workers. This is why we were glad to take part. Too often, it is the opinions of politicians, business groups or trade unions that we get to hear, but all too rarely from the temps themselves.

There is nothing more boring than an overload of statistics. However, you may be interested in a few of the findings. For example, 91% believe that temping gives them the flexibility to balance work and personal life. 89% believe that temping is a stepping-stone to permanent employment where that is wanted. (It is not by any means always wanted, of course, which was also evident from the survey.) Particularly pleasing, perhaps surprising in fact, was that 77% of temporary workers felt at least as valued as those doing permanent work.

Across the board, women valued temping more than men, with 93% saying that temping gives them flexibility compared with 85% for men. 88% of women said temping gave them new skills at work, compared with 78% of men. Interestingly, more women than men see temping as a stepping stone into a permanent position (56% as opposed to 44%).

At Crossmatch, we are realistic about all this, of course. We are not saying for a minute that everything is ideal for temps. We are appalled ourselves at the disrespect that temps sometimes have to face, from agencies and end-users alike. We welcomed the introduction of annual paid leave as a right for all workers, as well as the new Employment Agencies Act Regulations, which introduced further new rights for temps.

However, sometimes we feel that temping gets an unduly bad press in the media, and we see this survey as a useful counter-balance to the negative publicity it receives.


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