Keeping It Clean

RecyclingIn 2005, we were delighted to be informed by the City of Edinburgh Council that we had achieved the 'Keep Edinburgh Clean' Silver Award.  Not only that, but we are the first company in Edinburgh to gain the 'Silver'.

As the name suggests, it is awarded to organisations that can show a practical commitment to their local environment.  We had already gained the standard award in 2004, but this enhanced level recognises further environmental initiatives which have been taken.

It has long been part of our vision to adopt 'green' practices where possible.  Interestingly, this exercise confirmed that we have actually saved money into the bargain.  For example, through recycling paper and cardboard, we have cut down our general waste output and the associated costs by 70%.  In April 2004, we stopped sending out our terms of business and temp contracts by post and started using email instead, saving on postage and stationery.  We are even able to donate our used toner cartidges to charity.

We cracked open a bottle of champagne to celebrate the award, and needless to say, the empty went into our bottle recycling bin.  Not that empty bottles represent a major category (honest), but every little helps.

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