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More Questions ?

If you still have questions please don't hesitate to get in touch: or by telephone on 0131-226 7477.

We're always happy to help.

Above all, we believe in being honest with people at Crossmatch Recruitment.  The job market in this recession is very difficult , with many more candidates looking for work than there are jobs available.  As a result, we are receiving a high volume of enquiries from people - far more than we could possibly interview and register, even when very well qualified. 

So, what can you expect if you apply?  If it is a specific job we are advertising that you are applying for, then you can expect a response fairly quickly, say within a few days, maybe sooner.  If it is a general enquiry, the most likely outcome at this time is that we will keep your CV on file for future reference.

You have 2 options for applying....

Option 1: Reply to a specific job advertised

If you see a job advertised which interests you, either in permanent positions or temporary positions, what to do is contact the consultant named in the advertisement.  We don’t mind whether this is by email, telephone or by post.  There will usually be an email address in the advertisement itself, so that is probably the easiest way.  Use the email to explain your interest in the position and, if you have one, attach a CV.  If you have a question you want to ask first, please do - we are the first to concede that it is not always a black and white matter of applying or not applying.  You can ask your question by email too if you like, but don't hesitate to pick up the phone and speak to the consultant.  Full contact details are in the Contact Us page.

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Option 2: Complete the "Introduce Yourself" form

You may not want to apply to a particular advertisement.  You may prefer simply to introduce yourself to us and make a general enquiry, either about temping or finding you a permanent job.  The Introduce Yourself form is designed for that purpose.  You can attach a CV, but you don’t have to. Use the boxes for anything relevant – for example about your experience, or what you are looking for, or how best to contact you, or to ask a question.

Where it asks what type of office work you are seeking, you can tick as many boxes as you like, as long as one at least is ticked.  If none seem to apply, then use the “other” box.  Do bear in mind, however, that we only do office and administration type positions.

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Whichever option you choose as your route to making contact, this is only the first stage of the process. The consultant will then consider the information you have provided and will then decide whether or not it is appropriate to invite you in for an interview, ie to register with us.

If we do invite you to come and register, the process takes approximately 90 minutes and includes a face-to-face interview, skills tests and another form. If we don’t take it any further, we will explain why not. This will depend on factors such as the relevance of your experience for a given position, or whether we are short of candidates in a particular area at the time.

If we do decide against bringing you in, please don’t be offended. We try hard to maintain a good balance of people and jobs and try to avoid registering people for the sake of it. The last thing we want to do is take up your time registering, only for you never to hear from us again. If you have any more questions about enquiring or registering, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

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