Any success that we achieve as a business, we achieve through people, or not at all. We believe this with a passion at Crossmatch Recruitment, so allow us to introduce ourselves to you.

Annabelle McCunnAnnabelle McCunn
Team member since: 1989

Annabelle set up Crossmatch Recruitment in 1989, having worked in the recruitment business for several years for a leading agency.  Along with Ken and Susan, she is a consultant, dealing with clients and candidates and handling both temporary and permanent jobs.

Call Annabelle on 0131-226 7477 or email her at

Ken McCunnKen McCunn Cert RP
Team member since: 1990

Ken has worked in recruitment since 1982, first of all as a consultant placing accountants, then sales professionals, followed by five years with a national recruitment advertising agency.  He handles both temporary and permanent positions.

Call Ken on 0131-226 7477 or email him at

Susan BallantineSusan Ballantine Cert RP
Team member since: 1995

Susan has been a consultant with Crossmatch Recruitment for over 20 years, dealing with both temporary and permanent roles, during which time she has built an excellent reputation with candidates and clients.

Call Susan on 0131-226 7477 or email her at

Eileen NicolsonEileen Nicolson Cert RP
Team member since: 1998

Eileen is responsible for ensuring that our administration reflects our belief that it should be a vital part of our service, not just a back-room activity.  She liaises closely with the consultants to get things right for our clients, temps and applicants. This covers all accounting systems, temp wages, IT and administration.

Call Eileen on 0131-226 7477 or email her at