Interview room

As we say in the history page, the prime motivation for setting up Crossmatch back in 1989 was to create a company culture and a service to candidates and clients that was unique and distinct.  So for us, it's personal.  We love our business, and our reputation is everything.  We would rather lose business, in fact, than compromise the high ethical and professional standards we have set for Crossmatch.

If that makes us sound self-righteous, nothing could be further from the truth.  It's just that we don't think you need to leave all of your personal values at the door in the morning when you start work.

For a start, we think a bit of humility and honesty wouldn't go amiss in the recruitment industry.  How many times have you been promised the Earth by an agency, whether you are a client or a candidate, only to find the reality falls far short of that?  Why should clients and candidates have to work overtime trying to sort out the sales talk from the truth?  We go on the basis that all people want from us is some straight talking.  No job is perfect and neither is any candidate, so why not admit it?

Although honesty goes a long way - a very, very long way - it is still not enough on its own.  The other great passion that we have, therefore, is quality.  That is to say, quality of customer service.  For example, we don't relegate our administration function to the status of a back-room activity.  There is so much of it involved in running a temp operation (pay, tax, timesheets, holiday pay etc), so many things that can go wrong, that we literally have spent years honing that area to try to make it a good experience to temp for us.

To achieve this, we need good people on our team.  We firmly believe that if we achieve any success as a business, we achieve it through people. We therefore recruit high-calibre individuals, who tend to stay with us a long time. We were awarded the Investors in People standard in 1998, in recognition of our commitment to developing people, and we put all of our consultants through professional recruitment exams, run by the REC.

We hope this gives you a flavour of our philosophy: honesty, quality, people.  These are things that matter to us and we hope they matter to you.  If they do, then we want to hear from you.